I believe an honest man has nothing to fear. I approach business relationships with the same mantra.


Trust is the foundation of every relationship. Without trust, no relationship can be successful.


Those who know me well feel my passion in every conversation. It’s the motor that drives me to work hard everyday.


The Internet can be a dark and scary place. I make sure you understand what’s going on at all times.


Confusion isn’t a tactic I use to build up my expertise and “wow” you. I keep things simple so you get it.


Thinking outside (and inside) the box is key for success. My creativity allows me to easily do both.

What To Expect When Working With Me

Direct, Simple Communication

  • Monthly reviews

    Reviewing deliverables completed and results achieved is great practice.

  • weekly emails

    Weekly email digests of activity will keep you informed with your campaign.

  • periodic phone calls

    Sometimes email isn’t enough so phone calls make for a more efficient solution.

  • Requested In-person meetings

    A smiling face and friendly handshake are great for any relationship.

Broad Local + International Network

  • Local Businesses

    Partnerships with local businesses will help produce better results at times.

  • Local Freelancers

    A team of local freelancers who are ready to tackle any problem.

  • Overseas professionals

    A dollar goes further overseas and sometimes I leverage my overseas team to help on projects.

  • Unlimited resources

    The Internet is a big place and my resources are unlimited. Finding specialists is simple.

Diverse Digital, technology, + business knowledge

  • technical expertise

    Solving technical issues is one of my specialities.

  • team management

    A productive team is essential for results.

  • Business expertise

    Businesses are complex, but my diverse background enables me to understand all problems.

  • strategy development

    Business strategy can take many forms, but the core principles are important.

Flexible Payment Terms

  • Monthly

    Monthly payments are easier for some businesses so we can make that work.

  • weekly

    Smaller weekly payments help space things out and that’s manageable.

  • credit + debit

    All major credit cards are easily accepted with no fee to you.

  • paypal

    Sometimes PayPal works best and that’s cool with me.

(Let’s get started…)

Request A Free Consultation

Take advantage of a free 15 minute consultation where you can tell me more about your specific request and I will give you honest, actionable feedback. Then if it’s a good fit, maybe we can work together!